Winterlude 2005

Loose Kites and Boards




Day 2 (Sunday February 20th, 2005)


Sunday was a beautiful sunny day but again, the wind was offshore, light and variable.  The demonstration area was, however, very good due to some snow fall the night before.  The wind was very light and team could only kiteski with the largest kites available for the event.  The riders have done an excellent job flying the kites in such a light wind condition and both the Tempest and the Patriot flew very well (being larger, the Tempest behaves slightly better in such light condition).


The crowd was larger on Sunday than on Saturday.  Also, there was a grand stage set up next to the Kite Demonstration area and that has drawn a very large crowd watching the stage and the kiters at the same time.


Even thought the wind was not perfect for both days, the Kite Demonstration Event was a major success.  Many people has seen and watched the kiter up close, touched and felt the kites and other equipment.  NCC and has already planned for the next year Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event and couple years after.


Arrived at Kite Camp early Sunday morning

The riders (Brent, Peter and Andrew) unloaded the equipment



2 Tempest kites got pumped up and ready for test runs

(Note how good the snow coverage is!)


The early skaters studied the custom-made school kite



Jim and Andrew answered questions from the early crowd



The Kite Demo was on!

The early skaters watched the kite demo from the Kite Camp



The Kite Demo was on!

More skaters came in the Kite Camp area to take a closer look

(Note the Blue Tempest high on the sky that has attracted many skaters)



More skaters were on the way to the Kite Camp!



Andrew tried to compete his Tempest kite against the Remax Hot Air Balloon



And Jim tried to do the same



An interested skater checked out one of the Patriot demo kites



The grand stage next to the Kite Demonstration area

The show was on!



Ice sculpture at the grand stage



Andrew did a demo with a Tempest just next to the grand stage

(the grand stage was in the background)



Andrew did a surface handle pass next to the grand stage



Barbara Underhill (the lady on the left),

former World Skating Champion was on the grand stage



View of the Kite Demonstration area from the grand stage crowd



Jim answered questions back at the Kite Camp with a beautiful Patriot kite in the background



Peter did a demo run next to the grand stage



More skaters still came in the Kite Camp even the show was on at the grand stage!



Brent went for a demo run with the Patriot near the grand stage



Brent did a surface handle pass with the Patriot



Fannie from NCC came (the lady on the left hand side of the kite),

 congratulated the rider team and planned for the next year event!

Many thanks to Fannie for making this happened!



The 2005 Winterlude Kite Demonstration Team

Hung, Jim, Brent, Andrew and Peter

We will be back next year!



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