Winterlude 2007

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Day 2 (Sunday February 18th, 2007)



Early Sunday morning; front-row seats at Kite Camp were empty!


Peter testing the snow and the wind


"Kite is in the air"; so came the skaters!

Claude's getting ready to kite.


Claude got radical!


Steve & Claude riding


Kite playground at Winterlude


Brent jumped over the rail!


Kite camp was at Train Stop Km 7.0

To visit us you can skate or take the train


Train stop & lunch area near Kite Camp

There was always at least one kite on the sky here


After lunch, expression session started!


Brent got radical!


Peter went to the moon


Brent doing a moonwalk!


Kite Camp from the other side of the skateway

Hung & Claude were riding while the CTV filming crew arrived


Look ma, no kite!


Peter & Steve doing the "last run"


Winterlude 2007 Kite Team: Brent, Peter, Dan, Hung, Claude and Steve

Dan, an 11 year old kitesurfer, is the team's foosball champion


In today's local newspaper (Feb 19, 2007)

1.6 millions visitors; now's that some audiences!



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