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Kitesurfing School Historic Gallery

In this historic Kitesurfing School photo gallery, we'll try to show some last century photos (back in 1998, 1999) so you can put some faces to the names of the pioneer kitesurfers mentioned in this web site.  We'll also include some modern famous kitesurfers and manufacturers.

This is what Carabete bay looked like "last century", back in 1998 (no kite on the sky except for those of Hung, Jan and Terry).
Hung Vu, Antonio Esteban and Jan Pina are checking out Jan's new 220 cm kiteboard, the first kiteboard ever made in Dominican Republic. Dan, the future kitesurfer is practicing with Hung's FOne 230 (Carabete Dec. 1998)
Hung is holding the kite while Terry is trying to untangle the lines. Dan, the future kitesurfer is between Terry and Hung. Terry's board is an FOne 230 in the foreground (Carabete Jan 1999).
Hung, Andre and Cory Roeseler.  Magic Surf (the name on Hung's T-shirt) is the windsurfing shop in Paris where Hung bought his first Wipika kites  (Baja, Mexico April 1999)
Background: ?, Alex Gillian (owner of Stonker), Tim?, Stephanie (Kane's girl friend), Kane, Ben. Foreground: Matt's hair, Dave and his girl friend
Dave and his girl friend, Matt (the first kitesurfing distributor in Australia), Ian Young, Stephanie
Ben Merkenhof with his kiteboard.  The FOne foil is behind Ben. (Adelaide, Australia May 1999).
Other boards.  Yes, we did have bidirectional board in Australia back in 1999! (Adelaide, Australia May 1999)
Kane Hartill with his Peter Lynn board (Adelaide, Australia May 1999).
Ian Young with his WinDesigns boards (Adelaide, Australia May 1999).
Hung and Mikael Lanoe at Cherry Beach, Toronto summer 2000 (Hung's legendary XXXL is in the back ground. Mike started kitesurfing this summer)
michel.gif (43912 bytes) Hung and Michel Montmigny inside his Concept Air shop. The boards behind Hung and Michel were made by Fox in Hatteras  (Quebec, Canada Sept 2000).
Shannon Best is in white T-shirt
Richard from Ocean Rodeo
RickI, the safety guru
Dave Litewave

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