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How To Get Air Article with Elliot Leboe

[The equipments have changed a lot since these photos were taken; however, the techniques stay the same].

How Do You Get Air? With Elliot Leboe

This is a reprint of an article from the Kiteboarding Magazine (reprinted with temporary permission from the Kiteboarding Magazine):

Basically you pull the kite in the opposite direction that you're going so that your forward momentum acts against the kite going in the opposite direction.   Basically you are pulling the kite from low to high in the opposite direction of where you are going.  Try to resist the pull of the kite as long as you can by staying on the edge.  At the last second, before it feel like the kite is going to pull you off the water, you just flick the board behind you.  A lot of it is just timing.

Once in the air, try to keep the kite more or less over your head, and try not to let it to the edge of the window because it will drop you out of the sky.  The more it's over your head, the more you can parachute your landing.  when you land you drop the kite back into the power zone to keep you speed up.  It helps a lot to jump downwind; the more you jump downwind the softer the landing will be.

The most common problem I see is people pulling the kite too far.   You have to feel your kite before you let it go to the other side of the (wind) window.  Halfway through your pump, make sure you level your bar.  If you have to, look up at the kite.

Elliot is sponsored by Liquid Force, Airush, Jimmy Lewis and Rainbow.

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