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Learn kitesnowboarding, kiteskiing and kitesurfing, the most exciting and versatile sports of the millennium now!


  • Use the same equipment and enjoy the freedom of similar sports year-round.

  • Very little wind is needed (especially in the winter where only 4, 5 knots or 8, 10 km/hr of wind is sufficient).  As long as the kite can fly, one can go kiting in the winter.

  • Go fast with kiteskiing up to 2 or 3 times the speed of the wind (get the fresh air and workout of cross-country skiing with the excitement of down-hill skiing).

  • Have much fun cruising, jumping while kitesnowboarding on a snowy field or frozen bay in the city.

  • Tow your kids behind you on their skis, snowboard or toboggans.

  • Jump high and land softly while kitesurfing in the summer on a lake or ocean.

  • Perform incredible tricks while in the air.


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