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About Our School


VL Kites is the first school in the Ottawa region to offer kiteboarding lessons both on snow and water!

  • The School Director, Hung Vu, is a pioneer kitesurfer, kiteskier and kitesnowboarder who has taught many kitesurfers worldwide either directly, via emails, or via his Kitesurfing School web site he conceived in 1998 at http://KitesurfingSchool.Org which is the most popular and respected kiting web site in the world (more than 450,000 visitors worldwide, millions of hits).  Hung is the original author of the world's first formal Kite Teaching Methodology (KTM) for multiple disciplines of kite sports: kitesurfing, kitesnowboarding, kiteskiing and kitelandboarding. Hung is also the owner and moderator of many discussion groups worldwide: the legendary Kitesurf group (thousands of members world-wide), The Canadian Kitesurf group and the OttawaKiting group.  Hung is also the web master of the Ottawa Kiting web site at http://OttawaKiting.com

  • In 2005 and 2006, VL Kites has teamed up with National Capital Commission (NCC) to organize the first Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event during the closing week-end of Winterlude 2005 and also Winterlude 2006.  VL Kites also has teamed up with Trailhead to provide the first Kite Presentation at a mainstream outdoor gear trade show.  Click on the picture to view the photos and report of the event.

Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event 2005
Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event 2006

(Organized by VL-Kites & NCC)


Trailhead Kite Presentation

(Organized by VL Kites & Trailhead) 

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There have been known fatal accidents while kitesurfing so for all disciplines of kiting, safety has to be taken seriously. VL Kites makes no representation nor warranty regarding errors, missing of and correctness of the information contained in this web site, instruction methodology it uses and equipment it sells. Use the information, instruction methodology, lesson and equipment mentioned herein at your own risk. VL Kites is not responsible for any loss or accident to you or to other third parties including loss of business, loss of sale, equipment or property damage, injury or death resulting from you or other third parties using the information, lesson, equipment mentioned herein.