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VL Kites school uses modern kiting equipment from Best Kiteboarding to ensure excellent learning experience.  The school normally has used equipment and stock new kite equipment from various brands for sale to students and friends. 

Equipment Clearance

The school is clearing its entire inventory to prepare for the next batch of kites and boards that are coming in for the next season.

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Used kites & boards:

  • 12 m2 KitesurfingSchool.org custom kite, kite only, $349 CAD 

  • KiteLoose 2006 Patriot 16m, kite only, used only a few times, $499 CAD

New last year models kites & boards:

  • 14m Best Nemesis, kite only, Price $649 US, Sales $499 CAD  

  • 15m Best Yarga/Tempest, kite only, Price $649 US, Sales $499 CAD  

New 2007 kites & boards:

  • The new 2007 Waroos and Bularoos are here.  Contact us and get them while you can.  We are selling them at the same price as indicated on the Best Kiteboarding web site so you save on duty, brokerage and shipping (around 15%).

Videos & accessories

  • Kitefilm.com's "The Complete Kiteboarding Guide with Mark Shinn", list $59 CAD, sale $39 CAD 

  • Mini Turbo Launcher, list $65 US, sales $49 CAD

  • Windmeter Windtronic 2, list $69 US, sales $69 CAD

Used lines and bars are available starting from $159 CAD.

New lines and bar are available starting from $219 CAD.

New kite harness are available starting from $139 CAD

Fins, footpads, foot-straps, handles and other accessories for kiteboards are available.


Other Equipment


Please contact us if you have any questions or looking for some other equipment not listed here.


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