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Kitesurfing RSS Feeds

RSS or Really Simple Syndication, has taken the Web 2.0 world by storm.  With RSS, one can subscribe to various RSS feeds and get all the news come in automatically from all the selected sources without having to visit those sites all the time.

To use RSS, you need an RSS reader.  One of the most popular RSS reader for Windows is RSSReader at

Once you have installed your favorite RSS reader, all you need to do now is to go out and search for the various RSS feeds and add the feed URLs to your RSS reader.  Once an RSS feed URL is added, your RSS reader will constantly monitor the feed and show you new updates when it becomes available.

One can selected the RSS feed sources from

  • Web 2.0 discussion groups (All Kitesurfing Yahoo Groups now have RSS feeds including the legendary Kitesurf and Ksurfschool groups).  For example, the RSS feed for the Kitesurf group is at  From now on, you don't need to receive emails from the group anymore and can simply read the group posts via a RSS reader and reply the post from the reader.

  • RSS feed aggregators.  Some of the most popular aggregators on the net are:

    • Syndic8: More than 300,000 general feeds
    • Daypop: More than 50,000 news oriented feeds
    • Newsisfree: More than 18,000 news oriented feeds


Kitesurfing RSS feeds

A simple RSSReader configuration showing the kitesurfing feeds on the left,
the list of new posts on the top right and the post itself on the bottom

Following are the list of the currently known Kitesurfing RSS Feeds:

If you know of any other kitesurfing RSS feed and want to add to the above list, please contact us.


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