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Stances Used for Going Upwind

[The equipments have changed a lot since these photos were taken; however, the techniques stay the same].

The kite is around 30 degrees vertically from the water surface (locked in a forward moving position). The kitesurfer is leaning backward. The board is about 30 - 45 degrees from the water surface.
The wind is rather light in this photo. However, note the angle of the kitesurfer and the board relative to the water surface. Also note that the kitesurfer is moving in the same upwind direction as the windsurfer in the foreground.
The wind is slightly stronger in this photo. The kitesurfer and the board keeps the same angle as in the previous photo. The kitesurfer bends his knees to have more balance and to counter the pull of the kite.
The wind is strong. The kite is low (around 15 degrees vertically), locked in a forward moving position and is generating a lot of power. The kitesurfer is probably slightly overpowered and turns the board upwind to ease up the power.
The kite is locked in a forward moving position. The kitesurfer is leaning backward and edging the board hard to go upwind.

Stances Used for Going Downwind

The board is flat. The kitesurfer is almost upright and the kite is high on the sky.

All the photos on this page were taken by Jan Pina for the Kitesurfing School.


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